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Managing your time when cleaning your home

No one wants to be stuck doing the domestic cleaning for hours on end, but sometimes it can be
difficult to know exactly how to get the job done without it taking forever. Your day to day home
cleaning should not be a struggle, but more of a series of small jobs that hardly register on your
radar, becoming a small blip in your day, that contributes to a larger whole that results in the house
looking it’s best. You will find that by simply thinking about how and when you clean will be
a good start in terms of ensuring that you are able to get the jobs that you need to done without having to hire a cleaning agency. Whilst heavier jobs like oven cleaning or upholstery cleaning will to be included in the idea of day to day domestic cleaning, you should be aware that these need to be attended to as regularly as possible as well, to ensure that you don’t suddenly have a massive load of more difficult cleaning to do. Have a look over the following tips and tricks to see if any of them would work for you, and perhaps develop them to make them fit your lifestyle.

1. Divide and conquer. You will understand that the cleaning is made up of different jobs, from mopping the kitchen to dusting the living room, but many people tend to do these jobs together. Whilst it makes sense that once you have the mop and bucket out, you would do the whole of the house’s mopping, this does take up a lot of time. You should find that the job of mopping the kitchen only takes about ten to fifteen minutes maximum, and it is pretty essential that you are able to keep it to this amount of time, in order to fit it in to your life. Try dividing the jobs, so that you don’t spend ages on any one task at a time.

2. Be sure that the equipment that you are using for the cleaning is up to scratch. Many people will allow their vacuum cleaner to wear out completely before buying a new one, and will carry on using a cracked dust pan, even though it is more difficult to use. Avoid this, as it means that these items are slowing you down considerably, and will be getting in the way of your time management. You will find that the results of servicing the vacuum, or buying new stuff when it is broken, will ensure that your cleaning takes as short a time as possible. Also, think about how your cleaning tools fit in to your home. Does your small flat really need a massive vacuum cleaner, or would it be more sensible to have a smaller, more nimble one? 3. Now that you have reduced the time that each job takes on two counts, try and find spaces in your schedule for each job, where it won’t be impacting on your day to day activities. You will likely have periods throughout the day where you don’t get a huge amount done, like the ten minutes spent wandering the house looking for your keys before you leave in the morning, or the half hour spent aimlessly browsing the internet when you get in. Try to avoid letting the cleaning take over your weekend as well, as otherwise you will end up leaving it all until then, and that will only be a bigger problem…

Ten tips for domestic cleaning service perfection!

Recommendations are key. When you first set out to find a cleaner, talk to your friends who have them already, and ask if they have any advice. You will either get a recommendation, or be warned away from a bad cleaner, both results are valuable, and a friendly recommendation is exactly what you need!

Research the companies that you find online by typing their names in to reviews sites. Whilst not all of these reviews are to be trusted completely, it is worth seeing what the general consensus is about the people that you are dealing with!

Agency cleaners are always good because you have someone else to shout at if there is an issue, and you don’t have to worry about being the boss. However, the cleaner will not receive all of the money that you pay, and if the rate is already low, then this could be an issue, depending on how you feel about such things…

Independent cleaners are excellent in that they are self driven and motivated by the fact that losing a client will be a massive problem for them. However, you will need to be the one that hands out the orders, as well as being aware that they are less easily traced than cleaners that work for a company. Be careful either way…

Trial every cleaner that you find, as it is essential that you don’t agree to anything until you know that they can do a good job. Agreeing to a trial shift is a good way to gauge how you feel about the individual, as well as meaning that you can test out their ability within your own home, and on your terms.
Test the cleaner on their first shift. Try leaving some dirt behind a door, and check the tops of the window sills afterwards, to be sure that they are thorough with their cleaning. You will find that if they are not you can either use it as a grounds to warn them that you expect better, or to simply get rid of them and find someone better.

Strike rules are perfect for cleaners, as they are a great way to be firm but fair. If the cleaner messes up or is late, then they get a strike. Three strikes and they are fired. You can instate this rule the first time they get something wrong, to show that you mean business. However, don’t be overly harsh, as if they have a legitimate reason for something, then it is unfair to punish them too harshly.

Friendly but firm is the only way to be with a professional who works within your home. You need to be on good terms with them at all times, but the fact of the matter is that they do work for you, and should not feel like they can get away with things like tardiness or doing a bad job. Being too friendly may give the impression that they can get away with things that they should not be able to!

Security is key, especially during the first couple of shifts. Lock small but valuable things away, just to be sure. Once you feel you know the person better, then you can be less over the top!

The rate per hour should reflect how well they clean. Do you feel like you are getting your money’s worth? Don’t allow the cleaner to do a great job on the trial and the slack off on subsequent jobs as well, as then you will be getting less for your money!